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Sat, 05/25/24

FACIAL REJUVENATION | Awakenings Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic


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Facial Rejuvenation acupuncture is a great way to regain or maintain a vibrant youthful appearance naturally while improving your health.  Treatments can:

  •  reduce fine lines
  • substantially soften deep wrinkles
  • lift and tone sagging facial muscles
  • reduce puffiness and double chins
  • regulate oil production
  • even out skin tone and texture
  • increase circulation
  • improve lymphatic drainage
  • improve complexion
  • hydrate skin for a luscious dewy appearance
  • add clarity and sparkle to the eyes

…all while promoting good health and well-being.  The face is an expression of what is going on inside the body.  By using techniques that also treat underlying imbalances and work on the entire body systemically, treatments can often simultaneously alleviate other ongoing conditions, including: headaches, PMS or menopausal symptoms, infertility, pain and anxiety, and many others.  Facial rejuvenation acupuncture can even be used to help maintain the effects of cosmetic surgery or botox treatments (see note below).


Why choose traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) over modern skin care and wrinkle-reducing products and techniques?  TCM works not only by addressing the symptoms – wrinkles, sagging, etc – but also by addressing underlying conditions that create unhealthy skin, affect muscle tone, and accelerate the effects of aging.  In Chinese medicine there has been a long history of research and development into natural treatments for skin and beauty.  Healthy glowing skin and youthful faces were considered a reflection of ones overall internal health, rather than a matter of vanity or superficial beauty.  Throughout dynasties the brightest medical minds were dedicated to the development of natural beauty-enhancing techniques and herbal treatments.


The history of facial rejuvenation in Chinese medicine goes back to the Western Zhou period (1120-770 BC) when dietary practices were used to prevent aging.  Between 770-221 BC herbal therapies for facial rejuvenation were developed.  Beginning in 282 AD acupuncture techniques were added.  Throughout the following centuries the art of facial rejuvenation continued to develop along with Chinese medicine - over 30 formulas were added, including herbal masks, and acupuncture techniques continued to be improved.  For hundreds of years, herbs, acupuncture, and dietary adjustments have been used to promote health, longevity, and beauty.


Awakenings Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic combines acupuncture with a skin care line of ancient Chinese healing herbs and modern antioxidants derived from natural plants.  Due to the nature of Chinese facial rejuvenation, lasting effects can be expected when combined with a healthy lifestyle.  An initial treatment plan of 10 treatments over the course of 5 weeks is recommended.  Following successful treatment, periodic maintenance may be helpful.  Pre-paid discounts are available – see Prices. 


Inner health creates lasting outer beauty!


NOTE: it is important to wait 10-14 days after a botox treatment before having a facial acupuncture treatment – since botox works by paralyzing muscle fibers, whereas acupuncture stimulates healing, acupuncture may decrease the length of the effect of botox.  However, following a botox treatment with acupuncture at the appropriate time interval can give superior results.


It may be necessary to first clear conditions such as migraines or menopausal symptoms.


Also, facial rejuvenation techniques are not appropriate for pregnant patients since the mother’s vital energy (Qi) needs to remain focused on the baby.  Please advise AA&HC if you are pregnant or could possibly be pregnant. 



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